Jaworski’s burgers are made with lean ground chuck and flavored to perfection.  These delicious burgers are made in house and sell out quickly.  Jaworski’s also offers bison and elk burgers which are leaner than the chuck and healthier as well.


The meat market revolves around their kielbasa and sausage that has been a staple for more than 70 years. Their award winning fresh Polish kielbasa is a consistent hot item during the holidays of Easter and Christmas but is also available year round.


Smokies are beef sticks that have been smoked for flavor.  Our smokies are made with all beef and no organ meat or fillers.  Smokies are made daily and new flavors are always being experimented with.


In 1935, Fred Jaworski stood behind the counter of his small meat stand in the old Newburg Market. Jaworski Meats was born, another ethnic market amongst the dozens in Slavic Village. But through the years, his modest meat stand became the Grande Dame of the Polish meat market Cleveland Ohio, its success a product of Fred’s most important ingredients: hard work, dedication to his customers and, of course, family. Fred’s wife Dorothy and their son Mark quickly became integral parts to Jaworski Meats and have worked there for as long as they can remember. The market has always been regarded as a part of our family. Three generations of nephews, sons and daughters have worked within the venerable walls of Jaworski Meats.

In 1996, Fred wore his unmistakable paper butcher hat for the final time, when he passed away in March of that year. To the community, Fred was known simply as “The Kielbasa King.” To his family, he was a husband, a father and a papa. It is in all of these images that Fred’s heritage lives— today Jaworski Meats is owned and operated by Mark Jaworski, the Kielbasa Kid. Mark continues to operate on his father’s principles and our establishment is more than proud to meat the needs of the greater Cleveland community, continuing in the family tradition. Mark’s nephew, Adam, works full-time at the market alongside his uncle. And of course, Dorothy, still going strong, continues full-time at Jaworski’s, too. You’ll see her making Kielbasa, standing over the cranky mixer, steeping the ground pork in spices consistent with the age-old family recipe.


  • Bacon Onion- Ground up bacon and onions truly exasperate the flavor 
  • Kielbasa- Just like the fresh Polish kielbasa but without the casing
  • Jalapeno- A burger with a bite.  Try it with hot pepper cheese.
  • Cajun Blue- Cajun spices with a hint of blue cheese that make this burger perfect.
  • Gyro- Ground chuck with gyro spices make this as recognizable as a true gyro.  Great with tzatziki sauce.
  • Sweet Onion- Similar to bacon onion, but with a sweeter taste.
  • Dirty Burger- A burger infused with the black nugget marinade to make it a mouthwatering burger.
  • Chorizo- A spicy Mexican burger that will shock your taste buds.
  • Mesquite- A burger with a smokehouse flavor.
  • Mushroom and Swiss- Bits of ground mushroom and Swiss cheese entice this burger.
  • Steak- Jaworski’s biggest seller.  Steak seasoning develops a burger into something more than just a burger.